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Are you a Member of my TK Club? Let me tell you a little about it…?

My TK Club was launched in April 2020 and each month I created and uploaded personal
videos, photos, blogs and stories, into 7 different categories, some of which have never been
made public until now!

The 7 Categories include :

  • The Recording Studio Sessions – these videos bring you into the recording studio
    with me where I perform songs and tell a few stories, most of which I have never
    released before.
  • TK Adventures – This is a combination of videos, photos and blogs taken from my
    personal travel diaries that will keep you entertained for hours.
  • Garage Karaoke – The Stories Behind The Songs – picture me sitting on the
    tailgate of my Triton Ute, in my garage, singing some of my biggest hits and sharing the
    true stories of why I wrote and recorded them.
  • The Honey Pot, Stories from The Hive – Did you know I have 60,000 Bees in my
    backyard! This category is where I share an up close and personal insight through
    videos, into the life of my Bees and SO much more!
  • Don’t Bore Us, Give Us The Chorus – Is a popular category where I showcase
    many musical mates and highlight the talent of some sensational up and coming artists.
  • Kernaghan Family Favourite Recipes – If you are good on the tooth, like me, then
    you are going to enjoy making these simple recipes and like mine, your family will love
  • Mystery Box – just when you think it can’t get any better, check out this category!

2 Bonus Categories I want you to have access to are
Singing In The Kitchen and What’s Happening Now – both will put a smile on your face!

When you become a TK Club Member you will automatically receive 29 months of awesome videos, blogs, photos and stories for the ONE OFF PRICE OF $24.95
with absolutely nothing more to pay. Best of all you can login at any time,
pick a category, watch and enjoy at your leisure.

Remember, everyone is welcome. I hope to see you over in the TK Club area of my website soon.

Love ya TK x

PLEASE NOTE : As soon as your payment has been received, you will be logged into the site automatically and you will have access to the TK Club menu. You can go to the My Account area at the top right and change your user name and password. You will also receive an email showing your user name and password but please remember if you don’t see the email right away, emails from websites sometimes go to your spam folder so you should check there

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