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So let me tell you about some of the categories you’ll have access to when you become a Member.

There’s the Recording Studio Sessions – In these videos you’ll come into the recording studio with me and check out some brand new tracks and fresh versions of some old favourites.
Some other cool video content you’re going to love will include special guest appearances from some of my talented artists and musician friends.
I also bring back Don’t Bore Us, Give Us The Chorus and Garage Karaoke has a new segment – The Stories Behind The Songs. From the tailgate of my Triton Ute, direct from my Garage, I share with you the true stories behind the songs I have written and recorded throughout my career.

This is just for starters with your TK Club Membership.

There’s more… You’ll also get full access to my TK Adventures. That’s a blog about life on the road and my travel around Australia, concert touring and working as a TV Presenter. There’s some great old photos in there and loads of travel tips. I’m sure you’ll get inspired to add some of these places I’ve visited to your bucket list.  In addition to that, I catch up with people I’ve met on my travels. We’ll hear stories about everyday Aussies doing amazing things.

Closer to home there’s the Honey Pot section of the TK Club. You might remember a few years ago I joined my local Amateur Bee Keeping Club. Now I’ve got this fantastic Flow Hive and 25,000 honey bees. I want to keep you up to date about what’s going on in the hive – and hopefully we’ll harvest lots of honey together!

Speaking of delicious things, as a TK Club Member, I want to give you some of my family’s favourite recipes. We’re talking Rack of Lamb, my Nana’s Sago Plum Pudding, that recipe dates back to 1941 and we have it every Christmas, oh and there’s my Dad’s speciality, Salmon Cutlets on the barbie. Sometimes in this category, I swap my guitar for a chopping board and pot and film ‘the making of these recipes’, it’s quite hilarious and entertaining to watch because I am not a Chef! You’ll have all of this and heaps more in Kernaghan Family RecipesSo if you’re good on the tooth or love to cook, you’re going to love that section.

I’ve created a Mystery Box for TK Club Members. Every month there will be something new and different in the Mystery Box!

It might be a live Lounge Concert, it might be special Merchandise offers, it might be a brand new song I want to run by you!
Every month I will be posting new content like this and much more.
Keep in mind, this is not stuff I’ll upload to social media, it’s special TK Club Members content for you only.
TK Club Membership is open to all ages. Everyone is welcome to join so tell your friends and family and become a part of my family today. Subscription to The TK Club would make a great gift and we’ve made that easy and available for you to purchase if you wish. Remember, once you have Subscribed and your payment has been processed, you automatically have access to the TK CLUB.

I’m really looking forward to seeing you over in the TK Club Members area of my website.

Love ya, TK

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